Facility Management


Facility managers have many tasks and budget constraints.  Being able to leverage both time and money into future cost savings is always a plus.


The benefits of sealed and polished concrete floors are many.  A floor that is beautiful, low maintenance and long term budget friendly is always welcome.  The return on investment of a natural concrete floor that has been polished, sealed or stained is almost without peer.  A properly polished floor can outlive its surrounding structure, thus providing a ROI that is worth looking at.  Budget allocations can be moved to other needs providing cost allocation flexibility and cost savings in the long term.


VCT-  Maintenance costs of stripping, sealing and buffing VCT is an expensive undertaking for any property.  A properly polished concrete floor is much smoother and flatter which doesn't allow dirt and residue into the floor making mopping and cleaning quicker and easier.  The return on investment for a concrete floor is directly related to how well the concrete is polished.  The higher the polish the less maintenance.  As a general rule without exception, all polished concrete floors will outperform VCT by a large margin. Reduced preventative maintenance costs and reduced business interruptions have benefited many properties.  


We have solutions to your facilities needs and would relish the opportunity to help.  If you are looking at having a beautiful floor that will last and doesn't require the ongoing maintenance of most other flooring, contact us for a free assessment of your facility.